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To receive the correct Progressive® agent code for your agency, please contact our Agent Licensing Department at 1-877-776-2436.

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Your Agency Federal Tax ID can be found on your 1099 Tax Form. If you are receiving an error message, the Tax ID that we have on file may be different than the Tax ID that you are providing. 


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Choose one question from the drop down list to be your password reset question. Choose a question that is easy for you to answer. 


If you continue to experience technical problems, please call us at
1-800-695-4050 and have the following information available:

  • The error message you received;

  • The approximate date/time when you received the error message;

  • The page where you encountered the error message;

  • What browser/version you were using (e.g., Internet Explorer 6.0);

  • What operating system/platform (e.g., Windows XP) you were using; and

  • What Internet Service Provider you are using (e.g., AOL, MSN)

Browser Recommendation:

We recommend that you use Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above when accessing FAO. This helps ensure that you have the best possible experience when navigating the growing number of features and functionality available on the site.

Screen Resolution:

We recommend that you set your monitor to an 800 x 600 pixel resolution or higher to best view the entire site. The resolution affects how much you can see on your screen. The lower the resolution, the bigger everything is, resulting in less space on your screen.